RCP Founding Congress

May 18–20, 2024 • Montreal
Fed up with the status quo? Want to overthrow the rotten capitalist system? This is your party. Help found the Revolutionary Communist Party!

Monument to the Third International, by Vladimir Tatlin. 1920. Also known as “Tatlin’s Tower”. Read more →


Capitalism is driving society off of a cliff. Whole generations have known nothing but poverty, environmental destruction, and war. One thing has become abundantly clear to millions of workers and youth around the world – if this system is not consigned to the dustbin of history, it will throw the whole planet into the abyss.

Karl Marx famously explained that without organization, the working class is merely raw material for exploitation. That is why we are founding the Revolutionary Communist Party – a party of a new type: not a mere discussion club or a parliamentary machine, but a party of the streets. Our party is a weapon in the hands of the workers and youth – an essential tool without which the revolutionary transformation of society is impossible.

If this speaks to you, then this is your party. Historic revolutionary events are right around the corner. Join us today and help us found the party that will lead the working class to victory in the fight for a communist society!

Register today

Join us for the launch of the Revolutionary Communist International ‣ June 10–15, 2024

“Workers of the world, unite!”

— Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto

The greatest Marxist thinkers were always at pains to emphasize that a genuine struggle against capitalism is nothing if it is not international. That is why we are founding, not just the RCP in Canada, but the new Revolutionary Communist International (RCI): a beacon under which today’s generation of communists the world over can assemble and organize.

The RCI will strive to become the banner under which the awakening generation of revolutionary workers and youth can assemble to overthrow capitalism.

You can be personally involved in its founding, as the whole conference will be streamed online so you can watch at home, or with other comrades in one of many watch parties that will be organized across the country and around the globe.

Be part of the foundation of the new Revolutionary Communist International!

Register to the world conference, “The World School of Communism”, which will feature inspiring talks from international speakers, and will culminate in the official founding of the RCI!

Read the Manifestos of the RCI and the RCP

The Manifesto of the Revolutionary Communist International is the founding document of the new International. It is of the utmost importance for the world communist movement. Complementary to it, the Canadian section of the RCI is launching its founding Manifesto. Both documents will lay the ideological foundations for the party.

The Congress in May will discuss the manifesto of the RCI and adopt the Manifesto of the RCP. All attendees should read these documents in advance. This is the best way to get a clear understanding of what we are building. We call on all communists to study them thoroughly and give them the widest possible circulation.


Below are a few affordable places for participants to stay. We encourage you to book your place now, as we have no reserved places.

M Montreal

  • 1245 Rue Saint-André, Montreal, H2L 3T1
  • info@m-montreal.com
  • 514-845-9803
  • We have recieved a 15% discount with the referral code: RCP15
  • 7 minute walk to Berri-UQAM Station on the Green and Orange Lines


  • 1030 Rue Mackay, Montreal, QC H3G 2H1
  • montreal@saintlo.ca
  • 514-843-3317
  • We have recieved a 10% discount with the referral code: SocialistFightback24
  • 3 minute walk from Lucien-L’Allier Station on the Orange Line

Concordia Grey Nuns Residence

  • 1185 Rue St. Mathieu, Montreal, QC H3G 1M8
  • 514-848-2828

Congress fees

The fees to participate in the congress are as follows:

This price includes admission to the Congress, as well as lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday and lunch on Monday (5 meals in total).

The price is set so that we can reimburse without deficit the estimated expenses for the event. This also takes into account the higher costs for participants living far from Montreal.

What can you do now?

The historic task of capitalism’s overthrow is an urgent one. There is no need to wait until the congress to get organized! Once you have registered, follow these steps to prepare yourself for the congress and help us tell the world: the RCP is here!

1. Become a member of the RCP

No need to wait until the congress – join us as a member today! Someone in your area will be in touch within 24 hours.

2. Find more communists and build a communist cell in your neighbourhood

There are more than a million communists in Canada, but the overwhelming majority of them are not organized. It is not possible to be a communist on one’s own! Help find these people by putting up posters and stickers in your neighborhood. Start a communist cell in your workplace, school or neighborhood. If a cell already exists in your area, join it, and discuss how to go from one to two cells!

3. Help build the revolutionary press

Any fighting communist organization worthy of the name needs to be organized around a lively revolutionary workers’ press. Lenin famously called the workers’ press the scaffolding around which an organization is built — an essential tool in the hands of worker communists to help learn and discuss the ideas of Marxism and coordinate the struggle. You can (and should) subscribe to Communist Revolution, but we need help building it, too. We want to hear from you: your stories and experiences; your lessons and advice for building in the movement; your insights and observations. Write to us (no more than 400 words) at contributions@marxist.ca and help make Communist Revolution not just a newspaper, but a collective organizer!